Research & Development

Research & Development

Research & Development

Research & Development

Research and development is the turning stone of Skybiotech Life Sciences (P) Ltd. mission.

As one of the leading pharmaceutical companies, our business is focused on turning ideas into innovative, effective medicines that make a real difference in important areas of healthcare.

We have built considerable R&D strength, with highly experienced and technical team consisting of number of pharmacists, chemists, QA/QC personnel’s.

In a market for generic pharmaceuticals, supplying the right product at the competitive price is a critical competence. Hence, we strive to develop Enhanced Manufacturing Processes (EMP) for the products through planning, best utilization of available facilities, process optimization, reducing time and wastage through planned preventive maintenance program.


Our expertise in research includes development of

Extended & Sustain Release tablets

Micro dosage tablets with content uniformity & dissolution

Extended & Sustain Release capsules


Product Quality is an important factor, but cannot stand alone. Process Control and Optimization have equal importance and we take care of both to assure optimum performance.

The process capabilities are designed by…

Careful selection of equipment

Understanding the properties of the active pharmaceutical ingredient

Process validation by competent engineers & Q.C. executives

This is infact a hand-in-hand circular activity, to ensure optimum advantage in terms of yield and quality. This process is being maintained through scheduled calibration and validation of equipments and preventive maintenance activities.

All the activities are documented to ensure product tractability and the data generated provides basis for future improvements.

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