Company Profile

Dedicated to providing the medical profession with latest drugs, conforming to international standards, the company pioneered a repertoire of imperative, life saving products. The firm conviction that rededication to commitments in a continuously and dynamic environment is vital, has ushered innovations in process technology and also New Chemical Entities. The company is known for researching existing formulations and developing it for more efficacy and compatibility.


SKYBIOTECH LIFE SCIENCES (P) Ltd. identifies Research & Development as the thrust areas for attaining leadership in the industry. Highly qualified researchers constantly study drugs and explore opportunities to alter the structure, so as to increase efficacy and compatibility. The company tries to reprocess its manufacturing stagers, where by adding new combinations for new products in the markets. “Refining” is the key process, through which the company adds innovations to inventions. Immense studies are carried out on the ingredients and the manufacturing processes of the currently marketed drugs. This ultimately enriches the drug, nevertheless making it cost – effective too, so that it is within the reach of the masses. Specifications and test methods, quality audit program, review of result and evaluation are of Skybiotech Life Sciences importance.


Qualified personnel constantly keep a hawk-eye through the latest quality assurance equipments and stringent quality checks at various levels. So much so that even environmental monitoring and control systems are validated regularly. A quality control laboratory with sophisticated instruments to provide, chemical and microbiological analytical support, dominates the premises. Various procedures and stringent checks are carried out to maintain the quality. Consistency is a must and improvement is the culture. Both these principles are applied in tandem with all the activities of the company. Quality, as a law is not only applied to the process in manufacturing, but also extends to the areas of sourcing raw material and packaging. In fact, the principle – of quality first begins with the company’s biggest resource it’s people. A Qualified and experienced workforce forms the basis of quality in all other processes.


Powered with innovation, Skybiotech Life Sciences endeavors to provide the medical profession with the latest drugs, conforming to international standards. And at the forefront is a conscience that aims at bringing healthy living within the reach of all. Vision is scaling up to boundless sky of opportunities. Skybiotech Life Sciences envisions blending scientific temperament with unparalleled creativity, professional orientation and ethical values.


Infrastructure is the key to successfully meet the demands of the medical profession world over.
At Skybiotech Life Sciences, infrastructure excellence is a priority. The state of the art manufacturing plant of Skybiotech Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd., at Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India, reflects its class.
The contemporary administrative office is located in the commercial area of Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India. All the administrative activities are centralized, but decision-making is encouraged at individual levels from all the quarters.

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