Market Alliance


Better, Cheaper, Faster and Nicer…. Focused fundamentals drive our marketing mix to make it suitable for every market, this flexibility in our strategy ensures that we are successful in every market that we are active in. Following is the partial list of markets where we have sizable presence:


We have many leading pharmaceutical distributors in various countries. We have recently increased production capacity & managerial strengths and are actively pursuing newer markets & tie- ups. Agreements in five countries are in the process of finalization. We believe in exclusiveness rather than numbers. Therefore our focus is to be an active player in the select markets rather than mechanically expanding our areas of activity. We believe in long term relationship with our partners. Thus resulting in achieving sizable market share in the territories that we operate.


It is our meritorious track record of complete confidentiality that has earned us the most prestigious customer profile. Contract manufacturing is a highly confidential business, the total trust and confidentiality that we give our customers, has rewarded us with long lasting relationship and progressive partnerships with our clients.

Our tremendous production capacities make us a very strong outsourcing option. We offer large production capacities with the advantage of WHO GMP Manufacturing Facility. You can rely on accommodative production schedules & predictable deliveries of your famous brands. All this comes to you at very competitive rates.

We are building partnerships in communities throughout the world to strengthen health systems, increase access to our medicines and find sustainable solutions to the health challenges of today, and tomorrow.

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