Regulatory Affairs

Regulatory Affairs

Skybiotech Life Sciences (P) Ltd. has a qualified team to fullfill the requirement of documentation to register the products as per different Ministry of Health’s (MOH’s) to meet the customer needs from different regions like South Africa, South East Asia, Middle East, Eastern Europe and Russia. Regulatory Affairs department team is highly qualified & experienced in registration of Pharmaceutical Formulations as per the guidelines.

Regulatory department coordinates with the Business Development Department to research the market for new chemical entities to launch products as per the guidelines.

Regulatory department continuously audits the manufacturing sites to implement the new guidelines as per the different regions of the countries.

Regulatory Affairs prepares the dossiers as per the Technical Document format for universal acceptance for better review of the product documents.

Having its manufacturing base in India makes the company even more competitive in international market. The company’s core activity is conditioning of Medicines for human use in various forms and Nutraceuticals. To comply with the changing demand and expectation of our customers, we offer a wide range of products for human use covering almost all therapeutic groups.

The name of the company encapsulates its being. It is its professional culture, which has helped it to lay a rock solid foundation and build a huge reputation.

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